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As I said one of the goals of this control would eventually be to replace the image object - so at some point (all being well) you will be able to do:

   set the filename of <insertcontrolname> "foo" to "foo.png"
   set the filename of <insertcontrolname> "foo" to "foo.gif"
   set the filename of <insertcontrolname> "foo" to "foo.jpg"
   set the filename of <insertcontrolname> "foo" to "foo.png"


   set the content of <insertcontrolname> "foo" to tPngData

At this point, describing the control as a 'vectorImage' might also seem confusing.

It's short for "thing that can handle vectors or images". VectorsOrImages -> Vector/Image -> VectorImage -> vi.

We *will* get an abbreviation, right?


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