> Richard G. wrote:
> I'm suggesting the engine have an enhancement to add the widget-specific info
> to the  universally-supported "the properties" info.

It would be possible to simply add all the info that the property inspector
can display. But that can also easily be scripted by the user of the widget.
Or use the demo-stacks of the widget's author (I usually provide these) which
contain (parts of) setter and getter scripts.
[You can set the settable properties to an array. So you can get in just the 
way an array of gettable properties. This needs only a list of gettable/settable
properties in the dictionary.]

> Brian M. wrote:
> Now I’m really confused:
> put the properties of widget id 1004 into tA
> Results in an empty tA. If I put something into tA[“rect”] and then set the
> properties to tA then it does move to that rect.

That's correct(*). Setting tA is just an array of (valid) properties to set,
needed also when using a widget as popup.
The properties returns the widget property "properties" which is usually empty.

(*) "rect" is a LCS property of the widget, the widget author can currently set
such properties only by posting to the widget's script object.
From that it is a bug, all gettable/settable LCS properties of the widget
(see https://livecode.com/topic/accessing-livecode-control-properties/)
should populate the "the properties"-array (this list is missing "rect").

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