Jacque, thanks. It seems like overkill to load up and initialise tsnet just to 
get a 20-byte text file. I’m really surprised there isn’t a foolproof way to 
find out if one’s device is connected to the internet or not. I am not good on 
internet functions, but don’t a huge number of apps in the real world want to 
know if they’re connected or not?

Maybe I will write a tiny standalone that just talks to my server, and 
experiment with switching off the internet connection to see what errors I get.



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> On 2/28/18 5:20 PM, Graham Samuel via use-livecode wrote:
>> I know this is a golden oldie, but I can’t find a reference… I have a script 
>> that wants to check a file on a server, and basically to do nothing if the 
>> program is offline.
>> Remind me, is there an easy way to tell from within an LC standalone if the 
>> internet is not accessible? I don’t want my program to hang. I understand 
>> the URLStatus will eventually tell me if access did not occur, but I don’t 
>> understand how to limit the waiting time to something reasonable. I notice 
>> that some browsers can actually display a message saying something like “you 
>> are not connected to the internet” - how do they do that?
> I haven't actually played with it, but it looks like tsNetSetTimeouts might 
> work if you set the pConnectTimeoutMS (the third param) to something shorter 
> than the default. Then when you try to retrieve your file when there is no 
> connection, you should get an error from tsNet.
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