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I only use Linux for testing (in a VM), so have not
used them there. I’m more likely to have a couple Linux VMs open at once.

The only thing I would caution there is that multiple VMs tend to use huge amounts of computer resources. You have to be very careful when allocating CPU time and memory or the native system will spend all its time swapping back and forth instead of letting you get anything done.


I also use multiple desktops all the time on linux. I don't spend enough time on other platforms to need them elsewhere. But I have my main desktop allocated to email and web browser and a second window allocated to LiveCode. The LC desktop is spread across two monitors with one given to the menubar, devolution, tools and the stack I'm working on; and the second monitor used for the script editor, browser, message box.

If I try to switch desktops while LC is starting up (getting impatient since the startup takes so long) then some items end up in one desktop and some in the other. That's annoying, and they can (usually) be swapped but normally I find it easier to close and reopen.

 Mark Wieder

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