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Now that Windows, Mac, and Linux all offer multiple desktop, I'm curious: do you folks use them?

FWIW here's how I often work: I tend to open my email client and web browser in workspace 1, then LC on workspace 2.  Spaces 3 and 4 tend to get used ad hoc when there's something I need to focus on, like having another instance of LC, or a graphics tool, etc.  This is on Ubuntu, though lately I've started using multiple desktops on Windows as well.

I would be interested in learning how you folks use your desktops, and which OS you're on.

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I recently switched from openSUSE to Antergos, but it's still Linux and still KDE Plasma5 as my DE. Always multiple desktops and like you, a couple dedicated ones and a couple freelance desktops.

I have window rules that will send particular app windows to particular desktops regardless of where I am when they are opened. Depending on what the window manager allows, this could be a way to avoid the inconvenience that Mark Wieder mentions.

I did have the same kind of issues that Ralph DiMola mentions with some Livecode stuff showing up on all desktops, but it was a long time ago and I can't remember if it was under KDE4 or Gnome 2. I don't see this any more under Linux and KDE.


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