Panos asked me to file a bug report on what I was experiencing, but I haven't been able to nail down the formula yet.

Simply enabling acceleratedRendering would allow my app to launch, but things weren't moving or responding as they should have. It does seem like some mouseUp messages are getting ignored, but I'm also dealing with screen redraw issues when moving objects and groups in time as well as using mobileControls (a side navigation that opens up from off screen and hides mobile browser).

I'm currently redesigning the navigation so I can get an update out the door quickly as users are already complaining about iOS 12 compatibility. You've given me some insight into the possible problem so I can try to work out a proper bug report formula.

--Andrew Bell

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FWIW... acceleratedRendering in causing trouble on Android, 9.0.1. RC 1.

Disables "touch" messages in some contexts...

Bug report is in, confirmed.

I've struggling for 2 Years with this (!)

Now on iOS?  Yikes!

I am sure it is a priority with team. Keep fingers crossed.


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Is there some element that goes hand-in-hand with acceleratedRendering that I?ve overlooked?

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