Aloha Monte

You are wonderful! "it groups not redrawing..."

Right, it's not "touch". Though from a user perspective, suddenly "my swiping 
doesn't work..."

And thank you for fixing the returnField error also  [Bug 18395] ReturninField 
error on android app)

@team-- would it possible to send a new build out this week?  Even it has only 
this patch

It is the one thing in Android that is blocking. Everything else you have 
accomplished on 9.0.1 is fantastic, and I really *need* get an Android version 
that works one on Google Play asap.   So I need to get this out to beta tester 



would it would also be nice if get the home screen icon to load in iOS at the 
same time, in an interim patch release.
On 8/1/18, 5:02 PM, "use-livecode on behalf of Monte Goulding via 
use-livecode" < on behalf of> wrote:

    Yes I just patched it 
    >FWIW... acceleratedRendering in causing trouble on Android, 9.0.1. RC 1.
    >Disables "touch" messages in some contexts… 
    ^ is not a very good description of the issue. The touches are fine. It’s 
groups not redrawing when scrolled under some circumstances.

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