Hi All,

Given what we’re heard about iOS12 problems with LC apps… and the suggestion 
that setting acceleratedRendering  to true in preOpenStack “solves” that issue 
with iOS12, I’ve been messing around with acceleratedRendering for the current 
LC project I’m developing for iOS. I have not used acceleratedRendering in so 
long, consider me unknowledgeable about its use.

I’m working with LC 9.0.1 RC1 with MacOS 10.12.6 and Xcode 9.2. But, I've seen 
essentially the same results when building with LC8.1.8, 9.0.0 

When setting acceleratedRendering to true in preOpenStack as shared in an 
earlier message, the IDE slows to a crawl. When setting acceleratedRendering to 
false, the IDE returns to normal responsiveness.
— is that the expected behavior?

When loaded on my iPad, the app I’m working on has shown partial screen updates 
with acceleratedRendering on… and with some aspects has actually slowed to a 
crawl when loaded onto an iPad. 

To check this out, I’ve included buttons to set acceleratedRendering to true 
and false so I can change the setting when the app is loaded on my iPad… when 
set to false, the app responds as I would expect, but when set to true again 
one portion of the app slows down to unusable speeds.

The fact that the IDE slows to a crawl… and that only some aspects of the new 
app I’m building slow down when loaded on an iPad has made this very confusing.

Is there some element that goes hand-in-hand with acceleratedRendering that 
I’ve overlooked?

be well,

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