Some common causes of over-streaming:

 * "repair_session_space" is too small (either manually specified, or
   heap size is small and data on disk is large)
 * Manually deleting SSTable files
 * Unexpected foreign (e.g. from a backup) SSTable files
 * Marking SSTable as repaired or unrepaired inconsistently across nodes
 * Disk/filesystem corruption
 * A node that has been down for a very long time comes back

That's all I can think of, other people may have more to add.

To troubleshoot this, you may find the "nodetool getsstables", "sstablemetadata" and "sstabledump" commands handy.

On 23/01/2024 18:07, manish khandelwal wrote:
In one of our two datacenter setup(3+3), one Cassndra node is getting lot of data streamed from other nodes during repair to the extent that it fills up and ends with full disk. I am not able to understand what could be the reason that this node is misbehaving in the cluster. Cassandra version is 3.11.2

System logs show every node sending data to this node.Any pointer where should I look at would be helpful.


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