Thanks Bowen and Sebastian . That is good information. I am still figuring
out what could have gone wrong. Will update here once I get something.


On Wed, Jan 24, 2024 at 3:40 PM Bowen Song via user <> wrote:

> Some common causes of over-streaming:
>    - "repair_session_space" is too small (either manually specified, or
>    heap size is small and data on disk is large)
>    - Manually deleting SSTable files
>    - Unexpected foreign (e.g. from a backup) SSTable files
>    - Marking SSTable as repaired or unrepaired inconsistently across nodes
>    - Disk/filesystem corruption
>    - A node that has been down for a very long time comes back
> That's all I can think of, other people may have more to add.
> To troubleshoot this, you may find the "nodetool getsstables",
> "sstablemetadata" and "sstabledump" commands handy.
> On 23/01/2024 18:07, manish khandelwal wrote:
> In one of our two datacenter setup(3+3), one Cassndra node is getting lot
> of data streamed from other nodes during repair to the extent that it fills
> up and ends with full disk. I am not able to understand what could be the
> reason that this node is misbehaving in the cluster. Cassandra version is
> 3.11.2
> System logs show every node sending data to this node.Any pointer where
> should I look at would be helpful.
> Regards
> Manish

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