Man, this is a big one, and i am late already..i'll get it started.

The question is not DAO vs ORM, it is ORM vs Data Mapping.

ORM = mapping database objects to java objects (or c#, whatever).

Data mapping = mapping sql *statements* to java objects (c#, blah, whatever).

DAO can be used with either ORM or Data Mapping.

More later...


On 11/4/05, Abdullah Kauchali <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> So, iBatis is /not/ an ORM.
> What makes Hibernate an ORM and iBatis not?
> or a corollary:
> What makes iBatis a DAO implementation and Hiberate not? (Is this a
> valid question, to
> begin with?)
> What are the /decisive/ qualities of each (viz. DAO vs ORM) that
> classify them appropriately?
> I am looking for the mosst important /distinguishing/ (different)
> characteristics of each approach
> so that when I now see a myriad of tools presented to me, I can say "ah,
> but this one does it
> like this, so it /leans/ towards an ORM approach" ...
> Kind regards
> Abdullah

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