> However, since you've commented about the lack of mailing list 
> archives, I offer you my archive.  It goes back 3-4 years and includes 
> all attachments.  I might have lost one or two posts due to past 
> computer hiccups.  If you're interested, email me off-list.
> Amir 

  Thanks for the offer , but I have a very elaborate archive
that goes way-way back to V3.x .

  I feel that I should put you straight , however . I wasn't
asking for help from anyone . I was suggesting that those with
advanced knowledge share it with the community .

  You and Jason are telling me how I should work hard and
learn , but I've known that for many years now .

   I wasn't suggesting that Jason create an advanced Gi
tutorial for me , I feel I have a very good grasp on RS3D
Gi now for the last 2 years .

  I was suggesting Jason share some of his project files ,
or at least create a project file that he could share , so
_THE REST_ of the community could begin to come to grips
wuth RS3D Gi .

  Somehow , you 2 percieve a tiny possibility that I am
asking for myself . If I was , I wouldn't attemp to shame
someone into finally sharing some concrete tutorials , of
course . 

  What I was actually trying to accomplish , was to once
again point out that the Realsoft3D community's success
hinges on selfless giving and sharing via HTML tutorials .

  Not by firing off emails while at work , or showing us
yet another awesome render .


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