Thanks for the offer , but I have a very elaborate archive
that goes way-way back to V3.x .

 I feel that I should put you straight , however . I wasn't
asking for help from anyone . I was suggesting that those with
advanced knowledge share it with the community .

 You and Jason are telling me how I should work hard and
learn , but I've known that for many years now .

  I wasn't suggesting that Jason create an advanced Gi
tutorial for me , I feel I have a very good grasp on RS3D
Gi now for the last 2 years .

 I was suggesting Jason share some of his project files ,
or at least create a project file that he could share , so
_THE REST_ of the community could begin to come to grips
wuth RS3D Gi

This is not what you asked for Gary ?

You got know where near asking for this.  Instead you were abusive to me and
eventually my wife for no founded reason other than your frustration of the
lists lack of response to your general ranting.  You accused me of giving
nothing to the list of which I have disproved with these previously
mentioned emails alone and my years of contributions to the beta testing and
development which you have never been privee to see and could not possibly
have any idea of what you are talking about.

I have shown you in the previous emails my working methods which have NO
GREAT SECRET you keep eluding to, just hard work of tweaking and testing.
You now choose to ignore this information as I have proved you wrong and
instead find a new reason to complain to me and others.

Why was I suddenly to be named as solely responsible for the Realsoft user
list demise in your previous email, when GI is only a small part of Realsoft
3D ?  You chose to slander and critisize me and now I have proved your
accusations to be misplaced you still cannot bring yourself to apologise
for your behaviour.  I am amazed you are still allowed to voice your opinion
on this list and hope you are not permitted to speak to anyone else the way
you have to me ever again.

What is so odd is that you could have asked me in a nice pleasant manner as
you have managed to do in the past and I would have no doubt found the time
to answer your concerns as best I could.

You contradict yourself over and over.  If you know GI very well then you
can surely apply a sky texture map as an illumination channel in a single
shader to a skydome sphere, throw in your scene, a GI shader, a light and
tweak the controls as explained.  This is no secret and it's how I make my
images as I have told you over and over.  You clearly have a lot more time
than many of us here, so if you are not doing it for you alone, perhaps you
can put your time where your mouse is and upload the project file yourself.

 Somehow , you 2 percieve a tiny possibility that I am
asking for myself . If I was , I wouldn't attemp to shame
someone into finally sharing some concrete tutorials , of
course .

Shame someone into creating concrete tutorials ???  None of us are under any
obligation to provide any tutorials especially in the manner in which you
ask.  This kind of pressure would scare people away as they would feel any
kind of presence on the list would warrant they must create a tutorial to
stay around.  This is a free community list to help each other out as and
when we can and know how to.

What you are suggesting is re-inventing the user list into a different
approach from what we have come to know.  While you do have some points that
are worth discussing as you and the list currently are, your approach to
saving good information is entirely different.

 What I was actually trying to accomplish , was to once
again point out that the Realsoft3D community's success
hinges on selfless giving and sharing via HTML tutorials .

 Not by firing off emails while at work , or showing us
yet another awesome render .


Considering my work often starts at 8am and finishes between 8pm and 4am the
next morning I do not know when else I am supposed to email the list Gary...
really what planet are you on... it is now a crime to respond to the list
while I am at work ???  I also promise not to post any more renders to the
list if that will keep you happy as it clearly irritates you.

Now anyone else who would like to post a good image will now have to
think... hmmm if I post this image I am happy with, while I have 2 minutes
to upload it during my busy day. Will I get lambasted by Gary for not also
handing over the project file and a tutorial of how I did it  This which I
do not have the time to do and my client would not allow me to release
publicly anyway .... hmmm maybe I better not upload it after all... another
good piece of work lost in cyber ether for no reason.

With your approach the list falls apart a lot quicker as no one will see any
inspiring work any more.


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