Interesting work.

In section 5, you talk about the Java language being difficult. Was there a
reason you didn't use Java lambdas for your work?



On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 3:40 PM Claire Yuan <> wrote:

> Hi folks,
>   We are a two-members team interning in Yahoo! Inc who are currently
> evaluating the performances and functionalities of Beam API. We built two
> pipelines using Beam API referencing the default examples. One is sentiment
> analysis and the other one is flight performance analysis. Here attached
> the codes written for the two pipelines and instructions in README about
> how to run it in our framework. We would like to share them with you. Also
> there is a paper we wrote about our evaluation results and our experiences
> about using Beam in the last two months during internship. It will be a
> great help if you can have a look at it and maybe have some comments to us.
> Thanks!
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