My apologies if this belongs on the dev list. If it does, let me know and
I'll shoot things over that way...

For the last day or so, I've been trying to create a Spark Runner that will
work on older deployments using Scala 2.10. I've taken a few approaches:

1. selectively changing a few dependencies in beam-runners-spark.pom (and a
few other places in the parent)
2. updating every dependency that references *_2.11 to be *_2.10

In the former case the sticking point in both cases is that there is a
library incompatibility with jackson-module-scala_2.xx. In the latter case
there is a problem with SourceRDD.SourcePartitioning not [correctly]
implementing `equals(...)` from the parent trait.

Posts on the mailing list made me think that the move to Scala 2.11 started
only last fall, so I figured it should be easy to make the switch back.

However, I have a feeling that it could be the case that I just don't
understand the Beam build system well enough to produce the right outcome
(a custom version that can be used with older Scala).

Is there a correct or better way of achieving this?

Kind Regards,

Gary Dusbabek

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