Awesome. But you should know that we’re still working on bigtop 1.3 to
support all components as a distribution. So a stable release for Debian 9
support does not exist now. What’s you scenario? Building production
cluster? What Hadoop, or other components u are using?

sahil aggarwal <>於 2018年4月4日 週三,下午3:47寫道:

> Hi,
> We have been using Ambari to manage HBase cluster so far and looking to
> move away from it as we want to move to Debian9 and they don't provide any
> way to build own own flavor of package.
> I have evaluated Bigtop's build and installation recipes and it seems to
> work very well. Just want to ask the community any
> suggestions/callouts/stories if someone have already done this kind of
> migration.
> Thanks,
> Sahil

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