Making Debian 9 supported first is better since you get build env

Bigtop is also built for some users to create customized distribution, so
you can definitely try to tweak component versions. However it requires
more understanding of the Hadoop  ecosystem. For example:

Compatibility. e.g. Tez+Hive, Hadoop+HBase
Layout of upstream artifacts. e.g. jars
Features and patches. Sometimes you need to do backport yourself.

sahil aggarwal <>於 2018年4月5日 週四,上午11:37寫道:

> I have been using it for perf cluster for a while but now want to migrate
> prod too. Yes, I realized that in stable release Debian-9 support is not
> there yet but it took minimal changes to make it work(also trying trunk)
> for Hadoop, have to check for other components.
> One of the cluster uses Hadoop 2.6 with Hbase 0.98 and another uses Hadoop
> 2.6, Yarn 2.6, Tez 0.5, Hive 0.14, Pig 0.14.
> So my doubts are :
> - While I still have to check what patches HDP packages have vs vanilla
> packages for these versions, I probably also want to upgrade these
> components after this. Intuitively doing 1 thing at a time(move to deb9
> first and then upgrade) makes more sense as it rules out possibility of
> being in scenario where we don't know if deb9 is causing the issue or newer
> version.
> - Any issues faced after moving to ambari on manageability of cluster as
> ambari gives config management, rolling restart etc too ?
> Any suggestions are welcome :)
> On 5 April 2018 at 07:26, Evans Ye <> wrote:
>> Awesome. But you should know that we’re still working on bigtop 1.3 to
>> support all components as a distribution. So a stable release for Debian 9
>> support does not exist now. What’s you scenario? Building production
>> cluster? What Hadoop, or other components u are using?
>> sahil aggarwal <>於 2018年4月4日 週三,下午3:47寫道:
>>> Hi,
>>> We have been using Ambari to manage HBase cluster so far and looking to
>>> move away from it as we want to move to Debian9 and they don't provide any
>>> way to build own own flavor of package.
>>> I have evaluated Bigtop's build and installation recipes and it seems to
>>> work very well. Just want to ask the community any
>>> suggestions/callouts/stories if someone have already done this kind of
>>> migration.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Sahil

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