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On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 9:35 AM, Chris Goffinet <c...@chrisgoffinet.com> wrote:
> Digg is not forking Cassandra. We use 0.6 for production, with a few
> in-house patches (related to our infrastructure). The biggest difference
> with our branch and apache 0.6 branch is we have the work Kelvin and Twitter
> has done in regards to Vector Clocks + Distributed Counters. This will never
> go into 0.6, but should hit 0.7 hopefully soon. We will start to move to 0.7
> once it gets more stable.
> -Chris
> On Jun 28, 2010, at 7:53 AM, Kochheiser,Todd W - TOK-DITT-1 wrote:
> On yesterday’s “This Week in Tech” (TWiT) podcast with Leo Laporte
> (Wiki:http://wiki.twit.tv/wiki/TWiT_254), Kevin Rose of Digg fame was a
> guest.  He gave a public preview of the new Digg 4; it looks very nice and
> should be released in the next month or two.  He also mentioned that Digg 4
> is using Cassandra and that it is an Apache Open Source project.  He
> mentioned Twitter and how the Twitter and Digg engineers have been working
> closely on Cassandra related issues.  There was a passing reference to Digg
> also working with Facebook engineers, but I could be wrong on that point.
> On a related but separate note: While I am fairly new to Cassandra and have
> only been following the mailing lists for a few months, the conversation
> with Kevin Rose on TWiT made me curious if the versions of Cassandra that
> Digg, Twitter, and Facebook are using may end up being forks of the Apache
> project or old versions.  As the Apache Cassandra project moves forward with
> new features, are these large and very public installations of Cassandra
> going to be able to continue contributing patches and features and/or accept
> patches and features from the Apache project?  While most recent commits
> appear to come from Eric Evans and Jonathan Ellis, the committers list for
> Cassandra does include, among many others, Facebook, Twitter, and Digg.
> My apology if anyone feels this is an inappropriate post to this list.
> Todd

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