On Mon, 2010-06-28 at 07:53 -0700, Kochheiser,Todd W - TOK-DITT-1 wrote:
> On a related but separate note: While I am fairly new to Cassandra and
> have only been following the mailing lists for a few months, the
> conversation with Kevin Rose on TWiT made me curious if the versions
> of Cassandra that Digg, Twitter, and Facebook are using may end up
> being forks of the Apache project or old versions.

Facebook and Apache have diverged (technically we're the fork). To the
best of my knowledge, this has always been the case.

> As the Apache Cassandra project moves forward with new features, are
> these large and very public installations of Cassandra going to be
> able to continue contributing patches and features and/or accept
> patches and features from the Apache project?

I can't speak for Digg and Twitter, but as I understand it, that is the
Plan (both have indicated as much publically).

> While most recent commits appear to come from Eric Evans and Jonathan
> Ellis, the committers<http://wiki.apache.org/cassandra/Committers>
> list for Cassandra does include, among many others, Facebook, Twitter,
> and Digg.

Work is underway to merge Digg's work on vector clocks, and Twitter has
done recent work on Hadoop support (among other things).

Eric Evans

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