Even with N-nodes for redundancy, I still want to have backups.  I'm an
amazon person, so naturally I'm thinking S3.  Reading over the docs, and
messing with nodeutil, it looks like each new snapshot contains the previous
snapshot as a subset (and I've read how cassandra uses hard links to avoid
excessive disk use).  When does that pattern break down?

I'm basically debating if I can do a "rsync" like backup, or if I should do
a compressed tar backup.  And I obviously want multiple points in time.  S3
does allow file versioning, if a file or file name is changed/resused over
time (only matters in the rsync case).  My only concerns with compressed
tars is I'll have to have free space to create the archive and I get no
"delta" space savings on the backup (the former is solved by not allowing
the disk space to get so low and/or adding more nodes to bring down the
space, the latter is solved by S3 being really cheap anyways).

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