I'm looking forward to getting a few copies of this. Some areas that would be great to cover

 - Indexing strategies

 - Configuring clients/env for sane timestamping

 - Efficient CQL

 - Top 8/10 perf issues/stacktraces and common resolutions

- understanding nodetool tpstats/cfhistograms/cfstats and what they're actually saying

 - Capacity sizing (disk/ram overhead needed)

 - Compaction choice/strategies for kinds of workload


On 26/06/12 22:25, Edward Capriolo wrote:
Hello all,

It has not been very long since the first book was published but
several things have been added to Cassandra and a few things have
changed. I am putting together a list of changed content, for example
features like the old per Column family memtable flush settings versus
the new system with the global variable.

My editors have given me the green light to grow the second edition
from ~200 pages currently up to 300 pages! This gives us the ability
to add more items/sections to the text.

Some things were missing from the first edition such as Hector
support. Nate has offered to help me in this area. Please feel contact
me with any ideas and suggestions of recipes you would like to see in
the book. Also get in touch if you want to write a recipe. Several
people added content to the first edition and it would be great to see
that type of participation again.

Thank you,

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