One addition, if you have views, copy the corresponding .view files first, then 
the .couch file.

If you do it the other way around, the restore will have to rebuild the view 
files from scratch.


> On 11 Oct 2016, at 07:42, wrote:
> David,
> we use a simple file copy procedure to backup our couch db from our 
> production servers.
> Restoring by simply copying the .couch file to another server or the origin 
> machine works without any troubles ... unless if we take the .couch file to a 
> Windows machine (our production environment is Ubuntu Linux). The windows 
> boxes cannot finde some of the documents in such restored backups.
> I got the hint on this list to always stop couch in the Windows services 
> panel before copying the file onto the machine. Since this wasn't too long 
> ago, I cannot tell you if it really solves that problem reliably or not. It 
> seems couch prefers replication as a reliable backup strategy, but that 
> doesn't fit for all situations. If you simply want to store a file on some 
> backup medium, this can be complicated (firewalls, executables on backup 
> target environment etc.).
> So I am eager to read all the answers to your question as well, because we 
> need a reliable way to store plain files (not a second couch machine) - 
> especially for long term archives (10+ years).
> Joachim
> Am 10.10.16 um 16:57 schrieb David Gubler:
>> Hi list,
>> I'm currently implementing CouchDB backup for one of our customers. The
>> backup should be generic, i.e. not tied to the needs of that specific
>> customer.
>> However, I can't find any consensus on how to properly implement backup
>> for CouchDB.
>> System: Ubuntu 16.04 with CouchDB 1.6.0, backup software is Burp.
>> According to
>> I can just copy the file from the running server. That should work with
>> burp.
>> However, other sources say that the backup will be much smaller if I
>> dump each database. There's a bunch of tools to do this, ubuntu has the
>> python-couchdb package (0.10-1.1) with the couchdb-dump and couchdb-load
>> tools. As far as I understand it, the dump will not include some
>> (meta)information about the documents, like old versions.
>> Thus my main questions are:
>> - Can the python-couchdb tools (couchdb-dump, couchdb-load) be relied
>> upon as backup tools?
>> - Are these tool fast enough for larger (several GB) data sets?
>> - Are there realistic use cases in which these dumps are insufficient
>> because they miss some (meta)data which was present in the original
>> database?
>> - Any experiences with backup software simply copying the database files?
>> Thanks!
>> Best regards,
>> David
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