Glad to hear it worked for you. Yes, you can restrict who can start drill
by assigning proper ACLs. And PAM should also work with windows. I have not
tried myself so can't help much there. If you figure it out, do share.


On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 11:17 PM, Muthu pandi <>

> Hello Chun Chang
>                              Thanks for replying. I have follow your steps
> and its working for me. I have one doubt if my Ubuntu machine have 3 or 4
> users, then can i give permission for only selected user to start the
> drill.
> For Example:- Suppose i have 3 users (user1, user 2, user 3). I want user2
> only have permission to start the drill. and other 2 user have not have
> permission to start the drill. While firing command for starting the drill,
> only user2 name and password should accept. Is is possible? If yes then
> how.?
> One more doubt, can same steps for PAM authentication will work in Window
> system.? or Is PAM Authentication is possible in Window operating system.?
> if Yes please tell the steps to follow.

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