Hi Aljoscha,

I was expecting that I could set the jobmanager address and port by setting
it up in the configuration and passing it to the execution environment, but
learnt later that it was a wrong approach. 

My motivation of accessing the jobmanager coordinates was to setup a
queryablestateclient such that I could query the states I created in the
same job.  
My job wants me to have 2 states and query based on specific keys on both
the states at the same time, so I couldn't imagine achieving this within the
same operator as states are created and updated pe key.

is there any abstraction which exposes these values for jobmanager? 

For now what I did to achieve what I want is to create 2 states in one flink
job and passed the job id and jobmanager information as parameters to the
second job which queries the states. 

is there a better way to do this? 

thanks & regards,

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