Hi Aljoscha,

Thanks for the link. I read through it but I still can't imagine
implementing something similar for my usecase. 

I explained my usecase to Fabian in a previous post, I would try to be again
as clear as possible. 
So, my use case, in short, is something like below: 

1) From input stream of events, create 2 different local state store (one
with key as event_id and the other with key as derived_key), where both have
1-N relationship. For eg.  1 -> [A,B,C] and A -> [1,2,3] 
2) After we have both the state, traverse through the events a second time,
generate the derived_keys and based on these keys query state B to get a
list of event_ids which in turn is used to query the state A to fetch the
events for these ids
3) Do this only till a depth of 1, i.e. stop after doing the above process
just once and don't traverse back
4) Combine and merge all the events which were fetched because they are

So, I can't imagine how I can use the scatter->state->gather pattern to
achieve the desired result.Maybe I am wrong and I have missed something, so
any insights would be useful! 

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