Hi all,

For testing checkpointing, is it possible to use LocalFlinkMiniCluster?

Asking because I’m not seeing checkpoint calls being made to my custom function 
(implements ListCheckpointed) when I’m running with LocalFlinkMiniCluster.

Though I do see entries like this logged:

18/02/23 12:40:50 INFO jobmanager.JobManager:246 - Using application-defined 
state backend for checkpoint/savepoint metadata: MemoryStateBackend (data in 
heap memory / checkpoints to JobManager).
18/02/23 12:40:50 INFO checkpoint.CheckpointCoordinator:525 - Checkpoint 
triggering task Source: Seed urls source (1/2) is not being executed at the 
moment. Aborting checkpoint.

But when I browse the Flink source, tests for checkpointing seem to be using 
TestCluster, e.g. in ResumeCheckpointManuallyITCase


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