Our project has it's documentation site generated with Apache Forrest
(v0.6). The site is up and running and in general everything is working
fine. However.. there is a slight problem that was noticed and I don't know
if this is a bug or something that we configured wrong in the xml files.

The issue is that, for some links, the currently selected tab is moved back
to the first one but the contents of the page remains correct. Practically,
the Design page is shown correctly, but not under the "Architecture" tab, as
it should, but under the "Release Notes" tab.

I tried to figure out what's different for those links compared with the
ones that work correctly and I noticed something:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<site xmlns="http://apache.org/forrest/linkmap/1.0"; label="Proj" href=""

    <releaseInformation label="Release Information"
href="project/release_documentation/" tab="releasenotes">
        <releaseOverview label="Welcome" href="index.html"/>

    <architecture label="Overview" href="project/architecture/"
        <arcOverview label="Architecture Overview" href="index.html"/>
        <arcDesign label="Design Patters" href="site:designPatterns"/>

    <designPatterns href="general/documentation/designPatterns.html"/>


The structure of the folders is as follows:

When I click on the "Design Patterns" link I'm taken to the right page, but
the Architecture tab do not remain selected, but instead the "Release Notes"
tab gets active.

It seems to me there is a problem with the indirect linking, but I can't
pinpoint it..

Thank you,