Ionut Scutaru wrote:
> The issue is that, for some links, the currently selected tab is moved back
> to the first one but the contents of the page remains correct. Practically,
> the Design page is shown correctly, but not under the "Architecture" tab, as
> it should, but under the "Release Notes" tab.
> I tried to figure out what's different for those links compared with the
> ones that work correctly and I noticed something:
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
> <site xmlns=""; label="Proj" href=""
> tab="releasenotes">
>     <releaseInformation label="Release Information"
> href="project/release_documentation/" tab="releasenotes">
>         <releaseOverview label="Welcome" href="index.html"/>
>     </releaseInformation>
>     <architecture label="Overview" href="project/architecture/"
> tab="architecture">
>         <arcOverview label="Architecture Overview" href="index.html"/>
>         <arcDesign label="Design Patters" href="site:designPatterns"/>
>     </architecture>
>     <designPatterns href="general/documentation/designPatterns.html"/>
> </site>
> The structure of the folders is as follows:
>     <parentFolder>
>         project\release_documentation\
>         project\architecture\
>         general\documentation\
> When I click on the "Design Patterns" link I'm taken to the right page, but
> the Architecture tab do not remain selected, but instead the "Release Notes"
> tab gets active.

I reckon that is because the default "tab" attribute
of the "site" element of your site.xml is "releasenotes".

The "designPatterns" element needs a "tab=architecture"
attribute, rather than the default.