Hi Team,
I am basically from Cassandra and NoSQL background. Can somebody help me
understand the below queries.

1. Considering a 5 node cluster, I believe servers are created on each
node(member), how many servers have to be created?

2. (5 node and 3 servers on each node) Creating a Replicate region does
that mean it is  replicated across all the servers and nodes?{5 nodes * 3
servers = 15 Regions}.

3. Is there a possibility to put two duplicate primary keys like Cassandra
(using clustering column).

4. We are implementing Microservices Architecture and we are considered
Redundant regions for two services. I read that Gemfire supports internal
messaging to update or delete other region. Can somebody explain how it

5. Last one, what is the exact difference between Peer to Peer topology and
Client Server Architecture.

Appreciate your help.

Thanks and Regards,
Goutham Reddy Aenugu.
Goutham Reddy

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