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> Hi Team,
> I am basically from Cassandra and NoSQL background. Can somebody help me 
> understand the below queries.
> 1. Considering a 5 node cluster, I believe servers are created on each 
> node(member), how many servers have to be created?

Most deployments start one Geode process on each VM or physical host.  If you 
have five hosts, you could deploy a five member cluster.  Also note that you 
want to deploy 1+ Geode locators for discovery and management purposes.

Some deployments that focus on small heap sizes to avoid GC pauses will start 
more than process / host but that’s not as common.

> 2. (5 node and 3 servers on each node) Creating a Replicate region does that 
> mean it is  replicated across all the servers and nodes?{5 nodes * 3 servers 
> = 15 Regions}.

A replicate region will have the same copy of data on every member hosting that 
region.  Replicate regions are great for high read / low write use cases.  If 
you want to scale horizontally use partitioned regions.
> 3. Is there a possibility to put two duplicate primary keys like Cassandra 
> (using clustering column).

Keys are unique in Geode.  You can colocate related entities in separate 
partitioned regions using composite keys.

> 4. We are implementing Microservices Architecture and we are considered 
> Redundant regions for two services. I read that Gemfire supports internal 
> messaging to update or delete other region. Can somebody explain how it 
> happens.

Geode will automatically and synchronously update all copies of data.  If you 
have two separate entities that are updated together perhaps you should store 
them in the same region.  Geode can store and query nested objects.

> 5. Last one, what is the exact difference between Peer to Peer topology and 
> Client Server Architecture.

A peer is a member of the cluster and typically hosts data.  A client connects 
to the cluster and may cache data locally for speed.  A typical microservice 
pattern is to create a SpringBoot application that accesses a Geode cluster 
using SpringDataGeode as a client.

> Appreciate your help.
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