Hi Phil!

We don’t currently support zero code deployment for executing functions.  You 
might want to see if @John Blum has any good ideas around this for 
SpringDataGeode client applications.  He’s developed some really cool 
annotations to automatically configure a cluster.

I know I’ve had conversations in the past about supporting this feature and it 
always came down to a question of security in production environments.  It 
might be ok for dev but prod always gets locked down.  

If you really, really want to go this route you could build a distributed 
classloader something like this:

But I would just split the function code off into a separate repo and use `gfsh 


> On Mar 13, 2018, at 12:48 PM, Phil Applegate <phillip.appleg...@gmail.com> 
> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am currently working on configuring Geode in a Client/Server architecture. 
> Is is possible to have a Function defined in a client to be executed on the 
> cluster (server) without the Function being on the server's classpath? Could 
> this be done with PDX serialization?
> I am interested in doing this to achieve separation of concerns between the 
> client (which contains all business logic) and the cluster. Adding a 
> dependency from the server to the client is possible although I would ideally 
> like to avoid this as without careful management, circular dependencies could 
> be inadvertently be created.
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Kind regards,
> Phil

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