Thank you Bruce!

I will surely open a JIRA soon.

"Geode sends membership information, alerts and on rare occasions a PDX
registration message over UDP"

Would there be any negative impact on disabling 'security-udp-dhalgo' on peer 
to peer members or pulse or jmx notifications ?


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From: Bruce Schuchardt <>
Sent: Apr 11, 2018 8:45 PM
Subject: Re: AuthenticationRequiredException on force disconnection

That looks like a bug in UDP encryption.  Can you open a JIRA ticket to
track this?  Set the component to "membership".  Looking at the unit
test suite I don't think there is any coverage for auto-reconnect with
security-udp-dhalgo enabled.

As a workaround you could, if you're comfortable doing so, disable
security-udp-dhalgo until this is fixed.  There are other known issues
with this fairly new setting that people have been working on recently.

Geode sends membership information, alerts and on rare occasions a PDX
registration message over UDP.  No client/server messages are sent over
UDP so its use is confined to your server cluster. No messages
containing application objects (keys, values, callback args etc) are
sent over UDP unless you set disable-tcp=true to disable use of tcp/ip
stream sockets.

On 4/11/18 4:38 AM, Thacker, Dharam wrote:
> warning 2018/04/10 02:40:59.541 EDT event-server-1 <ReconnectThread> 
> tid=0x217] Exception occurred while trying to connect the system during 
> reconnect
> Failed to find 
> credentials from [host001(event-server-1:3525)<ec>:1026]
>          at 
> org.apache.geode.distributed.internal.membership.gms.membership.GMSJoinLeave.attemptToJoin(
>          at 
> org.apache.geode.distributed.internal.membership.gms.membership.GMSJoinLeave.join(
>          at 
> org.apache.geode.distributed.internal.membership.gms.mgr.GMSMembershipManager.join(
>          at 
> org.apache.geode.distributed.internal.membership.gms.mgr.GMSMembershipManager.joinDistributedSystem(
>          at 
> org.apache.geode.distributed.internal.membership.gms.Services.start(
>          at 
> org.apache.geode.distributed.internal.membership.gms.GMSMemberFactory.newMembershipManager(
>          at 
> org.apache.geode.distributed.internal.membership.MemberFactory.newMembershipManager(
>          at 
> org.apache.geode.distributed.internal.DistributionManager.<init>(
>          at 
> org.apache.geode.distributed.internal.DistributionManager.<init>(
>          at 
> org.apache.geode.distributed.internal.DistributionManager.create(
>          at 
> org.apache.geode.distributed.internal.InternalDistributedSystem.initialize(
>          at 
> org.apache.geode.distributed.internal.InternalDistributedSystem.newInstance(
>          at 
> org.apache.geode.distributed.DistributedSystem.connect(
>          at 
> org.apache.geode.distributed.internal.InternalDistributedSystem.reconnect(
>          at 
> org.apache.geode.distributed.internal.InternalDistributedSystem.tryReconnect(
>          at 
> org.apache.geode.distributed.internal.InternalDistributedSystem.disconnect(
>          at 
> org.apache.geode.distributed.internal.DistributionManager$MyListener.membershipFailure(
>          at 
> org.apache.geode.distributed.internal.membership.gms.mgr.GMSMembershipManager.uncleanShutdown(
>          at 
> org.apache.geode.distributed.internal.membership.gms.mgr.GMSMembershipManager.lambda$forceDisconnect$0(
>          at

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