Hi Nick/Marko,


What if without using SSL/TLS and manually add an exception to guacamole IP to 
access microphone in Firefox means will it work? 


Best Regards,
A. Asbern


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чет, 5. апр 2018. 14.54 Nick Couchman <vn...@apache.org> је написао/ла:

On Thu, Apr 5, 2018 at 8:45 AM, Asbern <asber...@trainocate.com> wrote:

Hi Marko,


Actually its not prompting for any permission in chrome




Correct - I believe Marko's point is that, if you're not using SSL/TLS (HTTPS), 
then it won't prompt you, because it refuses to send microphone/webcam over 
unsecure connections.




Yes, this is the case, it does not prompt at all on unsecure connections. The 
exception is localhost, so if you have Guacamole server installed locally, you 
can get microphone redirected via unsecured connection. 




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