I searched a lot before coming here to ask. Please bare with me if this is
an easy one. We have a custom Gacamole solution which goes like this:

Customers are on PC or MAC. When they navigate to our website, we include
an iframe which points to a Linux Ubuntu 14.04 server running guacd 0.9.9,
which in turn connects to a Win Server 2012 running our Silverlight
application in IE and streaming it into the iframe.

It works all fine, except for one thing. Users cannot type Asian chars.
When we try, we can see that as soon as we click a text box in our app, IME
is disabled. The asian symbol becomes an X. See screengrab below. Note that
it does work directly in Silverlight, when not going through Guacamole.

I found in the doc that "User preferences can be changed within the
settings screen". But I don't know how to reach that screen on our Linux
server. I also found that I could specify the input method
in clientController.js but this file is nowhere to be found on the server.

Does anyone have an idea how to enable IME in our situation? This specific
server is used only by Japanese customers, so it is very problematic!


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