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> Hello,
> I searched a lot before coming here to ask. Please bare with me if this is
> an easy one. We have a custom Gacamole solution which goes like this:
> Customers are on PC or MAC. When they navigate to our website, we include
> an iframe which points to a Linux Ubuntu 14.04 server running guacd 0.9.9,
> which in turn connects to a Win Server 2012 running our Silverlight
> application in IE and streaming it into the iframe.
> It works all fine, except for one thing. Users cannot type Asian chars.
> When we try, we can see that as soon as we click a text box in our app, IME
> is disabled. The asian symbol becomes an X. See screengrab below. Note that
> it does work directly in Silverlight, when not going through Guacamole.
> ‚Äč
> I found in the doc that "User preferences can be changed within the
> settings screen". But I don't know how to reach that screen on our Linux
> server. I also found that I could specify the input method
> in clientController.js but this file is nowhere to be found on the server.
> Does anyone have an idea how to enable IME in our situation? This specific
> server is used only by Japanese customers, so it is very problematic!
I would start by using a more recent version of Guacamole - 0.9.9 is very
old - 0.9.14 is the latest released version, and 1.0.0 will probably be out
in a few weeks.  It may not resolve the issue, but it's a good start.
Beyond that, I don't know what criteria Windows uses to enable or disable
IME - I'm not sure if there is some flag in the RDP connection that
determines whether or not it's enabled?


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