Thanks Val, this is really really helpful for us. 

This is what you are talking about:,
 right? So in my case, I could set KEYS_SET to be whatever I want, then call 
getValue() for each entry in a particular KEYS_SET to get row object. Then as 
long as the schema of row is preserved, I could only return part of it right? 

Subject: Re: Is it possible to enable both REPLICATED and PARTITIONED?


You can use entry processor [1] for this. It sends a closure to the node
where entry is stored and atomically executes it there. The example in the
documentation does the update within the processor and returns null, but you
can do other way around - call getValue(), extract necessary field(s) and
return them. The object you return from the processor will be returned from
the invoke() method on the client.


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