You could try tuning persistence store update reliability vs. performance 
trade-opff by setting walMode to:
DEFAULT: every update is flushed to disk (sync). Least performant but survives 
power loss.
LOG_ONLY: OS-managed buffered output (write). Survives process crash but not OS 
BACKGROUND: updates are queued in-memory and flushed every 2 seconds.
For example, queue WAL updates in memory and flush them to disk every 5 
    <property name="walMode" value="BACKGROUND"/>
    <property name="walFlushFrequency" value="5000"/>
LOG_ONLY could be a good trade-off.
Best regards, Alexey

On Tuesday, August 8, 2017, 4:19:37 PM GMT+3, rishi007bansod 
<rishi007ban...@gmail.com> wrote:

    I am trying to use persistent store for my application, w/o persistent
store I am getting caching rate of about 280K msgs /sec (1 msg - 512 bytes).
Whereas when I use persistent store in Ignite 2.1.0 then throughput
decreases to 20 K msgs/sec. So,
1. what are tuning parameters that i can try to improve persistent store
efficiency(i have tried increasing checkpoint threads, checkpoint freq but
still performance is same)
2. Also in my set up I have 3 disks connected to machine, but persistent
store only uses one disk for writing, so how can I improve performance in
this case by utilizing all 3 disks?


As shown above only disk sda is used whereas sdb is idle all the time.


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