By default Ignite runs checkpointing asynchronously in single thread. Configure 
number of checkpointing threads, for example:

<bean class="org.apache.ignite.configuration.PersistentStoreConfiguration">
    <property name="checkpointingThreads" value="3"/>

Right now I am not sure why you see that "caching almost stops": as I said 
checkpointing is async. If you put data into a memory page being currently 
checkpoint, it will copy the page on write and continue both the caching and 
checkpointing in parallel. Thus, the only delay is copying the page but page 
size is 2K by default (you can customize it) and I do not think copying 2K 
takes noticeable time.
As for utilizing multiple disks - Ignite is about memory. You need to look for 
RAID implementations to achieve disk IO performance increase via partitioning. 
Just FYI - you can customize where Ignite stores persistence database (data 
file, active WAL segment and WAL archive). For example:
<bean class="org.apache.ignite.configuration.PersistentStoreConfiguration">
    <property name="persistentStorePath" value="/var/ignite-db"/>
    <property name="walStorePath" value="/var2/ignite-db-wal"/>
    <property name="walArchivePath" value="/var3/ignite-db-wal-archive"/>

Best regards, Alexey

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