Does your mobile work over WiFi without the proxy settings? Confirm for both an 
intranet address or an internet address.

From: sachin Dhote []
Sent: 14 February 2018 09:51
To: JMeter Users List <>
Subject: Query regarding testing the Native mobile app performance using J-meter

Hi Guys

Before asking a query, I will elaborate what I am trying to test;
I want to test the native mobile app performance using J-meter. I am using 
Redmi Note 4 android mobile for testing.
I configured the proxy server on my mobile as below;

1.       Disconnected the Mobile date and Wi-fi data is ON

2.       Installed the J-meter certificate on my mobile.

3.       Select the Wi-fi Network and in advance setting I configured the host 
name and proxy as 8080( Same proxy which I put in J-meter HTTPS test script 

4.       Then start the proxy server.

5.       Try to login to my application.
Result: Internet connection gets lost and I am not able to login to the 
Application. When I open Google app in chrome browser then I am getting an 
error . Refer attached images for more details(‘Google Chrome_Error_After 
Running Proxy server.png’ and ‘Google Chrome_Error_more details.png’)

Then I followed the steps mention on 
 url  if I mam testing from behind a firewall/proxy server.
This time also same result is coming which I mentioned above.
Could you please assist me in resolving this problem, what could be the issue?

After doing proxy setting on mobile and before running proxy server I tried to 
open<> web site then it give error as below;
“You are offline.
There is something wrong with the proxy server, or the address is incorrect.
Contacting the system admin.

Thanks and Regards
Sachin Dhote

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