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> I'm not sure that I can be more specific. MSPs are interested in a "view
> by tenant", e.g., "show me all applications that are allotted to Tenant
> X".  I suppose that the standard Mesos UI could, with properly named task
> IDs and the UI's "Find" filter, accomplish part of "view by tenant". But in
> order to see the resources consumed by Tenant X's tasks, you have to visit
> each task individually and look at their "Resources" table (add them all
> up).
> It'd be cool if when a filter is in effect, the Resources table was
> updated to reflect only the resources consumed by the filter-selected tasks.
There has been no work on this (i.e., some way to filter the UI view w.r.t
a group of tasks), but this sounds like a good use case. Can you file a

> There's also the question of the units/meaning of Resources. Through
> Marathon I give each of my Dockerized tasks .1 CPU. As I understand it,
> Docker multiplies this value times 1024 which is Docker's representation of
> all the cores on a host. So when I do "docker inspect <ctrID>" I will see
> CpuShares of 102. But in the Mesos UI each of my 6 tasks shows .2 CPUs
> allocated. I'm simply not sure what this means or how it's arrived at. I
> suspect that an MSP will ask the same questions.

You see 0.2 because Mesos adds 0.1 overhead for the default executor that
runs the docker task.

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