I saw that Qian Zhang was calling about new commiters. Well, I already
ask one month ago on slack if I can help the Mesos project. :-) Benjamin
told me I should subscribe these Mailinglist, but what should I say, I
missed the confirmation mail and was wondering why the mailinglist is so
silent. :-)

To me; Mesos is a important part of my own company. I drive it for all
of our own services but I also help customers to install and run it in
there environment. I also developed a mesos kafka framework and I'm the
developer of the "Mesos Executor" (and soon the Mesos Operator) for
Apache Airflow 2.x. Yeah I know, thats just small things. But I'm
willing to learn and grow.

So... Here I'm and it would be my pleasure to help. :-)


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