> > Any interest in using csi with ceph for stateful tasks?
> I would! We already use ceph in mesos but via rexray. I was thinking to
> take a deeper look into to csi driver therefore I can remove rexray from
> our stack.

I found rexray to be a bit buggy with releasing rbd's on time, making it 
difficult for tasks to move to different hosts. But I tested this maybe more 
than a year ago.

Because I want to limit linux capabilities on tasks I have decided to configure 
the external/unmanaged csidriver.

[@c04 mesos-csi]# tail /etc/rc.local

# mesos csi nfs plugin
# mesos csi ceph plugin

[@c04 mesos-csi]# cat /usr/libexec/csi/csiceph-start.sh

umask 0077

export CSI_DEFUSERID="app.mesos.test"

mkdir /tmp/mesos-csi-uuh6Ra 2>/dev/null
cd /tmp/mesos-csi-uuh6Ra
/usr/libexec/csi/csiceph -endpoint 'unix:///tmp/mesos-csi-uuh6Ra/endpoint.sock' 
-nodeid $HOSTNAME -type rbd -drivername ceph-csi-rbd -v 10 
-log_file=./csiceph-plugin.log -logtostderr=false >stdout 2>stderr &

You can give it a try. Be carefull using the original csi driver, it overwrites 
your /etc/ceph/ceph.conf

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