> I saw that Qian Zhang was calling about new commiters. Well, I already
> ask one month ago on slack if I can help the Mesos project. :-) Benjamin
> told me I should subscribe these Mailinglist, but what should I say, I
> missed the confirmation mail and was wondering why the mailinglist is so
> silent. :-)

Yes it is. Great place to send yourself messages and meditate! :)

> To me; Mesos is a important part of my own company. I drive it for all
> of our own services but I also help customers to install and run it in
> there environment. 

Any interest in using csi with ceph for stateful tasks? It is really nice to 
see that these tasks are able to take their storage to whatever hosts their 
deployed on.
I was asking the developers of the cephcsi a while ago to change their code so 
it actually works as a csi driver and not as a kubernetes driver. And they are 
willing to do some work to create the required functionality for the slrp. 
I currently test a bit with preprovisioned rbd images in tasks via mvp. (I had 
to change code of csiceph driver for that to get it to work)

>I also developed a mesos kafka framework and I'm the
> developer of the "Mesos Executor" (and soon the Mesos Operator) for
> Apache Airflow 2.x. Yeah I know, thats just small things. But I'm
> willing to learn and grow.

You know anything of the Marathon? They implemented csi secrets driver via some 
proprietary secrets solution, not using the default mesos secrets. (ao. that is 
why I had to change the cephcsi driver)

> So... Here I'm and it would be my pleasure to help. :-)
You have my appreciation!

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