I got this going finally back in May, but downloaded 16 tonight and can't fire it up. Here's how I got there a few months back...

On 05/03/2016 09:43 PM, Craig Parker wrote:
I've been following along on this site:

and can /etc/init.t/ofbiz start/stop/restart as root, but it won't fire up at boot. Before I edited /etc/init.d/ofbiz, there was a line that said "OFBIZ_USER=ofbiz" When I tried, as root to run /etc/init.d/ofbiz start, I'd get an error:
Starting OFBiz: failure

Only users root or ofbiz should start/stop the application

Like I said, I can start it now manually as root, but it won't fire up as boot. In /var/log/boot.log, I see that same error, except now it says "...Only users root or root..."

What'd I miss? I'm running Ubuntu Server 14.04 just using the default built in database at the moment.

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