Hi Sharan,

thanks for your reply.
I changed the parameter, but it did not help.

Are there any requirements to items, in order to get them available in the 

Thank you

Best regards



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Von: "Sharan Foga" <sha...@apache.org>
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Betreff: Re: webshop - selecting an item
Hi Siegfried

I think you will need to set the product so that it can be sold even when you 
don't have enough inventory. I think you can set it on the following page:


Click the plus sign next to Inventory and set the 'Require Inventory' to be N.

See if that helps.


On 2018/02/13 10:35:57, "Siegfried Theobald" <siegfriedtheob...@web.de> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am using ofbiz 16.11.04.
> I have created a customer and have chosen him in order to sell and item.
> The item has a sufficient stock quantitiy (assigned to the Web Store 
> Warehouse ), but cannot be selected using the product search.
> What I have to do, to make it possible to sell this item?
> Thanks.
> Siegfried

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