Hi All

I've taken a look at the meeting times based on the timezones currently listed 
in documentation team table. We have a wide range of locations (UTC -5 to 
UTC+5.5) so it's not going to be perfect timing for everyone. Looking at the 
possible combinations, I've come up with a two options for a call time.

Call Time Option 1
  UTC-5 (New York, Boston): 08.00
  UTC+1 (Czech Republic, Germany, France) : 14.00
  UTC+2 (South Africa): 15.00
  UTC+3 (Kuwait) : 16.00
  UTC+5.5 (India) : 18.30

Call Time Option  2
  UTC-5 (New York, Boston): 09.00
  UTC+1 (Czech Republic, Germany, France) : 15.00
  UTC+2 (South Africa): 16.00
  UTC+3 (Kuwait) : 17.00
  UTC+5.5 (India) : 19.30

My schedule is pretty full this week with not much availability so would prefer 
to move the call out to next week. I think it will also give us a bit more time 
for preparation. So looking at next week, the 3 dates I would suggest are:

- Tuesday 27th February 2018
- Wednesday 28th February 2018 
- Thursday 1st March 2018

My preferred date and time would be :

- Tuesday 27th February at 14.00 (UTC+1) 

Please let me know if this would work for you all and if not then please 
suggest your potential alternative.

As usual, all feedback and comments welcome! :-)


On 2018/02/14 08:22:03, Sharan Foga <sha...@apache.org> wrote: 
> Hi Everyone
> I'd like to organise a call with all the volunteers interested in being part 
> of our OFBiz documentation team.
> We need to discuss how we can plan and organise ourselves to  get this work 
> started. It will also give people some background information about what can 
> be done.
> Taher, who has worked on implementing the documentation framework into the 
> OFBiz code, would also like to talk to the team and explain some of the 
> technical details that could affect how we plan and manage the work.
> So I'd like to invite all of our documentation team volunteers (and also 
> anyone else from the community who is interested) to a Skype call.
> If you would like to attend then please add your location and timezone to the 
> table so that I can find a suitable time for everyone. (See link below)
> https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/OFBIZ/OFBiz+Documentation+Team
> Even if you are not currently on the list of documentation volunteers but 
> would like to attend, please add your details.
> I was originally thinking of a Hangout but I've read that the limit for a 
> hangout is 10 (and we have 16 people in the list:-) so Skype is going to be a 
> better solution.
> As always, feedback welcome and please don't forget to add your name and 
> details if you'd like to attend.
> Thanks
> Sharan

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