Hi all,

Removing the line is a good idea. We could let lines to separate "theme".
To have a better look, I would give the icons the same size and add a little more space arround the icons (to le them "breathe")

I like the icons with the flat style, even if they have the same color, it is something we can see in a lot of GUI nowadays.

The highlighter icon made by Jorge Alberto is more representative.

I have linked a picture to illustrate this.


Le 11/08/2018 à 11:16, Alvaro a écrit :
Hello Maxim,

The new icons are nices, but it are
now in OM whiteboard toolbar are more appropiate,

They are of differents colors between them,
and that is good, because if you are reading-looking
a document in the white board and look to the
toolbar and see all the icons of the same clear
color, someone can feel sick looking for he/she need,
and no all the new icons are clear his use.

The best, for my understending, is to continue using
that are now but deleting the lines separation between
each icon.
Please, take a look the attached picture.

The ease of use must be first, and secondly the design.




El sáb, 11-08-2018 a las 11:37 +0700, Maxim Solodovnik escribió:
Hello All,

There is one more JIRA I would like to implement before 4.0.5

Jorge Alberto Londoño Giraldo propose new tool and have created new
WB icons
Do you like the idea?
Should we switch to new icons?

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