Thanks. I have followed this tuto
(M. Brohl's one ?), but I still have no video nor any sound (yet doc
conversion is working, so install LibreOffice is mandatory). My best guess
is that it is either a container issue or a firewall issue.
Here are the firewall rules on the host :
root@server:~# ufw status numbered
     Vers                       Action      De
     ----                       ------      --
[ 1] 1935                       ALLOW IN    Anywhere
[ 2] 5443                       ALLOW IN    Anywhere
[ 3] 5080          ALLOW IN    <my_lan>
[ 5] 8888                       ALLOW IN    Anywhere

On the host, I pass ports 5443 and 8888 to the container. It works (tested
with netcat as a server inside the container - with all relevant processes
stopped, of course - and successfully contacted from <my_lan>).

When I run all componentsof OM, I can see Kurento binding to many many
ports, should they all be opened to the whole Internet ? Thanks !


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