The fastest approach would be to disable struts encoding when displaying 
them (you can see docs of <s:property />). But I would rather suggest to 
figure out where that encoding comes from. You might use browser dev tools 
to see how the browser submits it. Then you can use a debugger or logging 
to show them in the struts action and in your data layer. When you know 
where that encoding takes place you can search for ways to disable it.

In our apps we enable UTF-8 encoding in application server settings an in 
the database to avoid such issues.


> From: Yaragalla Muralidhar <>
> To: Struts Users Mailing List <>, 
> Date: 30.07.2015 10:31
> Subject: printing mathematical special characters
> I have mathematical symbols e.g. *alfa*, *beta*,*mu* . When I copy these
> symbols in text area they are getting copied. I am copying them from 
> document. When I insert them into the database using prepared statement 
> symbols are getting inserted as code. for example the *alfa* is getting
> stored as&#946;. This is fine I guess. But when I retrieve them from the
> database using java.sq.Statement and displaying them in the html page 
> are getting displayed as code instead of symbol. I mean "&#946;" is
> displayed in html instead displaying alfa symbol. So how to deal with 
> situation? how can I store symbols and display them properly in html?
> I am using mysql database, java1.7,struts2.0 and tomcat7.
> *Thanks and Regards,*
> Muralidhar Yaragalla.
> * <>*

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