Ok Christoph. Thanks for your response. I found that struts is doing it.
<s:property value="name" escape="false" /> helped me to an extent.

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> I have mathematical symbols e.g. *alfa*, *beta*,*mu* . When I copy these
> symbols in text area they are getting copied. I am copying them from word
> document. When I insert them into the database using prepared statement the
> symbols are getting inserted as code. for example the *alfa* is getting
> stored as&#946;. This is fine I guess. But when I retrieve them from the
> database using java.sq.Statement and displaying them in the html page they
> are getting displayed as code instead of symbol. I mean "&#946;" is
> displayed in html instead displaying alfa symbol. So how to deal with this
> situation? how can I store symbols and display them properly in html?
> I am using mysql database, java1.7,struts2.0 and tomcat7.
> *Thanks and Regards,*
> Muralidhar Yaragalla.
> *http://yaragalla.blogspot.in/ <http://yaragalla.blogspot.in/>*

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